The Great Ormond Street Hospital Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre (CCC) cares primarily for children with inherited bleeding disorders and some with thrombotic conditions.

The complex nature of these lifelong disorders requires specialist medical and nursing care. The Department of Health has acknowledged this with the publication of the health circular HSG (93) 30, which states that all people with haemophilia should have access to comprehensive care.

The hospital has the largest haemophilia CCC for children in the UK and is one of the five largest in Europe. We specialise in complications of haemophilia and the other bleeding disorders such as the management of inhibitors.

We also look after children with inherited thrombotic tendencies that are less likely to cause problems before adulthood.

The centre is the designated hub for the North Thames paediatric network but also receives referrals from other parts of South East England and further afield in the UK as well as children from Africa, the Middle East and the rest of Europe.

Conditions we treat

The Haemophilia Comprehensive Care Centre treats a range of conditions. These include:

  • Haemophilia - an inherited bleeding disorder caused by deficiency of either factor VIII (haemophilia A) or IX (haemophilia B). It mainly affects boys although female carriers may also experience bleeding problems.
  • Von Willebrand disease - the most common inherited bleeding disorder.
  • Factor II deficiency - the rarest inherited bleeding disorder and can be associated with bleeding at any site.
  • Factor V deficiency - bleeding is variable from mild to severe.
  • factor VII deficiency
  • factor X deficiency
  • factor XI deficiency
  • factor XII deficiency
  • factor XIII deficiency
  • Glanzmann's thrombasthenia
  • Bernard Soulier syndrome
  • storage pool disorders/release defects/aspirin-like defects
  • Hermansky Pudlak syndrome
  • Wiskott Aldrich syndrome
  • thrombotic thrombocytopaenic purpura

Meet the team

Dr Rina Liesner
Special interests: haemostasis and thrombosis.

Dr Mary Mathias BA MBBS MRCP MRCPath
Haemophilia Consultant
Special interests: haemostasis and thrombosis.

Dr Anupama Rao
Consultant Haematologist