Imogen Newsom-Davis 医生

Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Dr Imogen Newsom-Davis has more than 20 years of experience in assessment, diagnosis and support of children and young people with learning and/or neurodevelopmental difficulties, and their families.


  • Developmental and behavioural assessment of pre-school children.
  • Cognitive and neuropsychological assessment of school-aged children to explore reasons for educational and/or behavioural difficulties.
  • Gold standard clinical assessment of social communication, attention and hyperactivity for diagnostic purposes and/or to increase understanding and support.
  • Provision of detailed feedback and recommendations to families, schools and other agencies to explain neurodevelopmental profiles and including educational and therapeutic recommendations.
  • Assessment to support EHCP applications.
  • Guided interventions for parents and schools to provide strategies for managing behavioural and emotional difficulties and support learning.
  • Understanding of complex neurodevelopmental profiles in children and young people with unusual presentations / outside conventional diagnostic categories.
  • Children and young people with inherited metabolic disorders; neurocutaneous disorders; childhood epilepsy.
  • Rare inherited metabolic disorders and childhood epilepsy.
  • Neurodevelopmental difficulties including those on the spectrum of attention deficit and hyperactivity (ADHD) and/or on the social communication or autism spectrum.
  • Assessing and providing support for children and young people with a combination of complex or atypical neurodevelopmental, behavioural or cognitive difficulties.
  • Cognition and brain behaviour relationships; the effects of subtle or specific cognitive impairments on academic performance and other aspects of daily functioning.
  • Dr Newsom-Davis was educated in London and Oxford.
  • B.A. (Experimental Psychology); University of Oxford, 1993 Awarded the Nuffield Scholarship for Science, 1992
  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology; King’s College London, 1997 Funded by the Bethlem Maudsley Scholarship
  • PhD (Neuropsychology); King’s College London, 2004
  • Funded by an MRC Clinical Training Fellowship award
  • Post-graduate Diploma in Paediatric Neuropsychology (awarded Distinction), 2015
  • ADOS-R trained
  • HCPC (Health Care Professionals Council) registered PYL18511
  • Chartered Member of British Psychological Society since 1997
  • Member of the BPS Division of Neuropsychology
  • Member of the Association of Clinical Psychologists (ACP-UK) since 2018
  • Member of the British Inherited Metabolic Disorders Group (BIMDG)

Dr Newsom-Davis is actively involved in the design and implementation of multidisciplinary clinical research exploring cognitive and developmental outcomes for children with rare disorders including Sturge Weber Syndrome, Phenylketonuria, Galactosaemia and Pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy.

She has had a long involvement with the clinical trials psychology team at GOSH, providing outcome measures for multi-centre clinical trials of novel enzyme replacement therapies in metabolic disorders.


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Goldstein LH, Newsom-Davis IC, Bryant V, Brammer M, Leigh PN, Simmons A. Altered patterns of cortical activation in ALS patients during attention and cognitive response inhibition tasks. J Neurol. 2011 Dec; 258(12):2186-98.


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