Plastic Surgery

Mr Neil Bulstrode, Plastic Surgeon, operating on an ear in 2016
Mr Neil Bulstrode, Plastic Surgeon, operating on an ear in 2016


The aim of the Plastic Surgery department is to provide clinical excellence in the field of paediatric plastic and reconstructive surgery.

We are able to treat a wide range of problems that are present at birth (congenital) or developed in childhood. Children who need plastic or reconstructive surgery are seen as outpatients, day-case patients or inpatients.

The department works closely with other clinical specialties to provide multidisciplinary care for children with a variety of healthcare problems.


The Congenital Hand Anomalies Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is one of the largest in the UK, offering reconstructive hand surgery and therapy to children with a variety of conditions. 

  • 2016/17 91% of parent’s reported (for their child under 6 years) that they were satisfied with the appearance of their child’s thumb after surgery.  

  • 2016/17 82% of children aged 6-16 were happy with the appearance of their thumb after surgery, a further 82% were satisfied with the function of their thumb. 

Conditions we treat

  • Craniofacial surgery 
  • Cleft lip and palate repair 
  • Congenital hand anomalies 
  • Ear surgery 
  • Vascular anomalies and birthmarks 
  • General plastic and reconstructive surgery 
  • Skin lesions 
  • Tongue problems 
  • Facial deformity 
  • Dermatological surgery

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