Meet Rakan, aka R-Flash

Rakan as R-Flash

Five-year old livewire Rakan has had boundless energy ever since he arrived at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH) in London three years ago from Kuwait. Despite undergoing treatment at such a young age, Rakan’s beaming positivity has continued to shine through no matter what obstacle is in his way.  

During his time at GOSH, Rakan has been able to channel this wonderful spirit to overcome the challenges of his treatment. Nurses have always spoken about the joyful presence that he brings to the whole hospital and his ability to make anyone smile with his fantastic attitude.  

Always on the move, Rakan desired to convert his limitless energy into unrivalled lightning speed, and thus, R-Flash was born. 

With his electric-blue and precise aerodynamic suit, R-Flash is built for speed. Blink and you’ll miss him, R-Flash can blast through any danger in no time at all, and for those days when he needs a little extra boost, he can simply switch on his handy rocket boosters.  

“Throughout this entire experience, Rakan could just not stop smiling and talking about the costume he wants and his amazing superpower,” Rakan’s mother explains. “We are so thankful that he has been able to be involved with Superhope.” 


With justice in their hearts and an unwavering spirit to save others, R-Flash, Super A, Cloud Princess, and JA have banded together to join the amazing GOSHxSuperhope league - establishing the dawn of a new superhero age.  

By combining R-Flash’s lightning speed, Super A’s mind-blowing dizzy power, Cloud Princess’ unstoppable forces of weather, and JA’s sky-high ability, together they form an indestructible power of positivity our planet has yet to discover. 

With their unmatched powers and uplifting positive mental attitude, they bring hope and joy to countless children across the globe.  

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